Frozen – Thrilling Snow queen movie

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With a beautiful combination of catchy songs, life-like animations, and an incredibly well developed plot, this Disney animated film leaves the world frozen in amazement. Released in December 2013, the movie “Frozen” speaks on being different and of love. The main character, Anna, and her older sister, Elsa were extremely close until Elsa’s wintery powers of which she was born with almost got Anna killed. While Anna held on to that relationship, Elsa had shut herself out in fear of hurting someone. Things got worse as their parents, the king and the queen died in a shipwreck, leaving the sisters more alone than ever. Years later, Elsa is forced to interact with others during her coronation, the build up of emotions and feelings.

Over the course of the movie, Anna shows her bravery, recklessness, kindness, cleverness, etc, and at the end of the movie, selflessness. Instead of choosing to live, she chose to die protecting Elsa, luckily in the end, she survives and shows a violent side of herself when she punched Hans in the face. From watching the movie, it is quite simple to see that Anna is a realistic character. She has a lot going inside of her, mostly good, but some bad. She isn’t a one-faced character and can therefore be defined as a realistic person. Franzen’s definition of tragic goes hand in hand with realistic, and according to his third criteria, realistic is good because the audience can relate. Tragic would be defined as raising more questions than it answers and “Frozen” does exactly that. For example, the movie features the famous song, “Let It Go” where Elsa sings of her newfound freedom. However, What is freedom? Is freedom the result of being isolated where there’s “no right, no wrong, no rules”? Or is freedom living in a country where most things you are free to do however, certain “wrongs” would lead to consequences. One problem is that there is no set of solid questions that the movie raises because everyone things differently and therefore the amount of questions is huge.

Disney’s Frozen is the story of two sisters, Anna and her older sister Elsa, who live in a small kingdom called Arendelle that was trapped in a perpetual winter. The story follows their journey of love and betrayal in finding a way to save Arendelle and at times the two sisters themselves. The various relationships between the characters in this film reflect key characteristics of romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships from chapters seven and eight in the textbook. Interpersonal communications and relationships play a major role in the creation of conflicts within this film as well as solving some of the conflicts. Two major relationships in the film are Anna and Elsa being first and foremost and secondly Anna and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Buck & Lee, 2013). Although Frozen is a children’s movie it does have deeper underlying themes that children may not fully understand, for example loss and grief which produce a major challenge on the communication between Elsa and Anna. Anna and Elsa’s relationship was just like any other older and younger sibling relationship, but Elsa has secret ice powers that she must keep hidden from Anna in order to protect her. That secret was just the beginning of their halt of communication. Instead of taking the risk and trusting Anna, Elsa bottled up her fears and dealt with the backlash by herself. Trust is one of the most important things necessary to build a relationship with someone, although there is risk…